First of all, we would like to thank the Alpha Group for providing our assembly center in Nuremberg free of charge. We would also like to thank the city of Nuremberg from the bottom of our hearts for the always friendly exchange and support in every respect.

We would like to thank the SPD Nuremberg for the financial support of our first rally on February 26, 2022. The FDP Nuremberg also supported us and the people in Ukraine in an outstanding way: They not only provided us with the first, temporary collection point at Hallplatz – the Young Liberals have worked tirelessly, donating, sorting, packing and transporting tons of donations. We are very happy to have you as partners and helpers by our side. Of course, this thanks goes to all the relevant bodies and key positions in the Bamberg region, who support our partner association Bamberg:UA e.V. in an equally wonderful and generous way.

And we would also like to thank all those who helped us in any way or donated any amount or materials to our effort to support Ukraine.

In terms of financial and material donations, we would particularly like to thank the following companies, which have been very generous towards the people of Ukraine:


  • Telekom
  • Medicon Apotheke
  • Uniklinik Erlangen
  • Nordklinikum Nürnberg
  • Kaletsch Medien GmbH
  • DHL
  • ADAC
  • Omega Medical
  • WiSo
  • ASB
  • Westdeutsche Studiengruppe GmbH
  • Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH IDEAL