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Help for Ukraine – Nuremberg
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At the collection points, we urgently need volunteers. You will be faced with the following tasks: Receiving, sorting, packing and loading donated goods into vans. Please log in using this button.​


We only accept medical goods and equipment (see list) that are packed in boxes or pallets and labeled. A precise listing of the content is also required.

The relief supplies can be delivered on Wednesday and Saturday from 14:00 to 20:00 pm.

Please register beforehand by e-mail via the logistics e-mail address

We ask smaller collection points to get in touch in order to enable larger transports to the Ukraine and to reduce small private journeys. This is also in the sense of relieving the burden on the roads and the Polish-Ukrainian border regions.

Who we are

Help for Ukraine – an initiative in northern Bavaria by the following organizations:

A large number of volunteers and non-commercial organizations in northern Bavaria have joined forces to support the Ukrainians on site. Large collection points for medical products and urgently needed equipment have already been set up in the cities of Nuremberg and Bamberg.

These are transported to the Ukrainian border with the help of experienced truck drivers. There is also a storage and distribution center that has already been set up there. The donated goods are handed over at the border via a green corridor to ensure targeted distribution in the country’s war zones.

In the course of the solidarity demonstration on February 26, 2022 for Ukraine and against the invasion by the Russian Federation, we have joined forces as active, non-profit associations to support the people in Ukraine who are fighting for their lives, their freedom and also for ours Fight democracy in Europe.
Within a few hours we opened collection points for urgently needed donations in northern Bavaria and built an efficient, secure network in Poland and Ukraine. 



The two large collection points in Bamberg and Nuremberg work closely together.
Here we accept all donations in kind from private individuals, other initiatives or companies. In our collection points, the donated goods are sorted and packed by volunteers. At regular intervals, vans and trucks exclusively from our network drive to our base in Przemysl, Poland.

There all goods are passed on to Pastor Bogdan Puszkar i.R. handed over personally. Mr. Puszkar led the Ukrainian congregations in Nuremberg, Bamberg and Würzburg for many years. Due to the current war, he is now coordinating the transfer point in Poland. From there, the goods collected in Germany are transported across the border to the Lvlv region, Ukraine, where they are handed over to the Terytorialna Oborona Lvivshchyny (Territorial Protection Authority of the Lviv Oblast). This distributes the goods throughout Ukraine as required.

We transfer the transport of the donations exclusively to drivers we trust, drive them exclusively to our fixed base in Przemysl and ultimately only leave them to the above-mentioned authority. For reasons of security and transparency, compliance with this transport chain and our network is particularly important to us. 


people who offered to help

We were able to buy tourniquets with your donations and deliver them to the war zones

Tons of relief supplies handed over to the Terytorialna Oborona Lvivshchyny

donated ambulances have already driven from our partner city Bamberg to the Ukraine