We are in constant contact with our partner authority Terytorialna Oborona Lvivshchyny (Territorial Protection Authority of the Lviv Oblast). This tells us specifically what things are most needed in Ukraine at the moment.
Our dispatch takes place according to the respective prioritization of our local partners. A corresponding list can be found below:

We would like to expressly point out the following points once again:
– We do not accept any clothing (you can find exceptions in the list of priority 2 protective clothing)
– We do not accept food or hygiene products
– Please pack your donations in boxes for us
– Please enclose a list of the individual article groups with your donation
– If you are not sure whether we will accept your donation, send us an email to kontakt@ukrainehilfe-nbg.eu

Priority 1 emergency medicine:

– intravenous drugs

– hemostatic agent

– Painkiller

– Quick pressure bandages

– tourniquets

– First aid kit IFAK/CAT

– wound disinfection

– Syringes, cannulas (sorted by size)

– infusion systems

– blood bag

– intubation units

Priority 2 protective clothing:

– Sleeping bags

– sleeping pads

– Dark wool blankets

– Thermal underwear (washed)

– Headlamps

– Power banks (ideally charged)

– batteries