1. How can I help?
We rely on a large network of volunteers. If you would like to actively support us, you can register here as a helper. We contact our permanent pool of helpers as needed.

2. How are the goods transported?
At regular intervals, vans and trucks drive exclusively from ours network to our base in Przemysl, Poland. All goods are sent there. Pastor Bogdan Puszkar retired handed over personally. Mr. Puszkar led the way for many years the Ukrainian congregations in Nuremberg, Bamberg and Würzburg.
Due to the current war, he is now coordinating the transfer point in Poland. In the Goods collected in Germany are shipped from there across the border to the region Lvlv, Ukraine, and transported there to the Terytorialna Oborona Lvivshchyny (Territorial Protection Authority of Lviv Oblast). This distributes the goods as needed throughout Ukraine.We transfer the transport of donations.
Drivers who trust us exclusively drive them exclusively at our fixed locations
Base in Przemysl and ultimately leave them only to the above
Authority. We do not care about compliance with this transport chain and our network. A particular concern for security and transparency reasons.

4. What happens to the donated money?
We match our donations with the budgets of our partner organizations
together to buy large quantities of medical goods (e.g.
bandages, painkillers) or equipment (e.g. sleeping bags, sleeping mats,
headlights) and to transport them to Ukraine. We buy from them
donated funds also ambulances and fire engines.

5. The items can also be handed over to another border crossing point
No. We hand over our collected donations exclusively to our Partner base in Przemysl and from there to the territorial authority of Ukraine.
We do not deviate from this supply chain for security and transparency reasons away.

6. Why don’t we accept groceries or hygiene products?
We work closely with our partner base in Przemysl. Food and hygiene products are collected in large quantities in Poland and sent to the transported to Ukraine. A delivery from Germany is not necessary.

7. I have clothes to give away, where can I take them?
We do not accept clothing at our collection point. Clothing will be in before everyone Nuremberg needed – many refugees come to our region and
have to be taken care of here. We ask that you leave your clothes at the collection point to be given by the Red Cross. Please only enter clothing in there good condition.

8. I would like to provide housing for refugees – where can I apply
Many people are willing to offer a room or an apartment for refugees
to offer people. The city of Nuremberg offers at the registration office for refugees people in the Heilig-Geist-Haus (Hans-Sachs-Platz 2) a matching for living space at. If you have living space available, please register via
Nuremberg committed. (LINK)

9. Can I also donate via PayPal?
A donation to the Association of Ukrainians in Franconia e.V. is not possible via PayPal
– however, you can use PayPal to donate to our partner association Bamberg:UA
We are also working closely together financially to provide the much-needed. Procure goods efficiently and at reasonable prices. (Here via PayPal
Bamberg: donate UA)

10. Where can I find other collection points in the region?
There are a large number of collection points in Nuremberg and the region. Naturally we support every initiative and are overwhelmed by the global commitment for the people of Ukraine and people fleeing their homeland
had to. However, we would like to expressly ask you to inform yourself about  transport routes of free collection points. Ideally contact to those supported by organizations or institutions (e.g.: municipal offices, the Red Cross, universities, parishes, etc.). to ask.
Always check to whom the donated goods are given. A list us
well-known and cooperating collection points can be found here: info following

11. We are a collection point – but we lack transport facilities.
Where can we turn?
If you, as a collection point, do not finance or organize your own transport
please feel free to contact us: We will accept your donations in kind, provided that they are these match our list and send them to our transfer point. Please send an e-mail to this logistik@ukrainehilfe-nbg.eu

12. When and how can I make donations?
To drop off donations at our collection point, please contact us in advance
our online form. Donations are by prior arrangement only
Registration via the form and during the acceptance times (6 p.m. – 8 p.m.) possible.

13. Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please send an email to Kontakt@ukrainehilfe-nbg.eu