How we work

The two large collection points in Bamberg and Nuremberg work closely together.
Here we accept all donations in kind from private individuals, other initiatives or companies. In our collection points, the donated goods are sorted and packed by volunteers. At regular intervals, vans and trucks exclusively from our network drive to our base in Przemysl, Poland.

There all goods are passed on to Pastor Bogdan Puszkar i.R. handed over personally. Mr. Puszkar led the Ukrainian congregations in Nuremberg, Bamberg and Würzburg for many years. Due to the current war, he is now coordinating the transfer point in Poland. From there, the goods collected in Germany are transported across the border to the Lvlv region, Ukraine, where they are handed over to the Terytorialna Oborona Lvivshchyny (Territorial Protection Authority of the Lviv Oblast). This distributes the goods throughout Ukraine as required.

We transfer the transport of the donations exclusively to drivers we trust, drive them exclusively to our fixed base in Przemysl and ultimately only leave them to the above-mentioned authority. For reasons of security and transparency, compliance with this transport chain and our network is particularly important to us.